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Job Hunting Guide

Online Job Search - Make It Simple And Effective


Many people nowadays look to the Internet to fulfill their job hunting activities. Aside from being convenient and time-efficient, there are countless jobs being posted online everyday for people with different skills and specializations. Whether you are looking for full time employment, part time jobs or even freelance work, online job sites are the best source of jobs online. Although an employer may post a job opening on their corporate website, they will also post these jobs on reputable online job sites.


If this is your first time to look for latest job opportunities in South Africa online, then these tips will help you simplify your online job search. For those who have tried using online job sites before but are still unsuccessful in their search, this guide will help make your online job hunt more productive and effective.


To find good jobs, search in the right site


There are hundreds of online job sites which offer different kinds of employment but there are also niche job websites which offer jobs that specifically match your specialization and interests. To save time and effort, use specialized job sites which will give you the best results to match your skills and qualifications.


Use the filter option when searching for jobs


As mentioned, there are countless jobs posted online everyday and if you go through all of these posts you will end up wasting a lot of time. Online job sites usually have a feature which allows you to filter your search using keywords such as "vacancies in South Africa" or "careers in South Africa". You can also search using the name of the company or a job title. Using the advanced features of an online job site saves you time as well as gives you tailored search results.


Set up alerts and notifications for new jobs


Most online job sites also have a feature which allows you to set up alerts or notifications for new jobs. The notifications are usually sent through email. You can also get notified when an employer sends you an interview invitation.


Upload your resume and cover letter


If you have registered on an online job portal, you will be asked to upload your resume. But before doing so, make sure that your resume is free from typos and grammatical errors. Keep your resume simple and concise, but do not forget to highlight your work experiences, your certifications and qualifications and also your special skills. Uploading a well-written cover letter will grab the attention of an employer who is most probably browsing through hundreds of applications.


The tips outlined will not only save you plenty of time and resources when searching for jobs online, but will also guarantee success in finding a job that is perfect for you.